Project management insights

It sure has been hectic since the module started, CS3216 has lived up to it’s reputation of being a time sink. However, amidst the crazy schedule of deadlines, I feel a stronger sense of purpose and have definitely picked up a couple of lessons on the way to mid submission deadline of Assignment 1. Here’s two.

1. Costs and benefits of new tech

Working on the front end with my teammate Wei Wen, we unanimously chose to use Vue.js as we have heard quite a bit about it and he had just been to a meetup sharing about the benefits of using it as opposed to React. It has been a joy developing with it, especially when I compare it to Backbone.js, an older framework I used in a previous stint.

However, there were also costs associated with picking up something I was not fully familiar with, and using it for a project with insanely tight deadlines. This resulted in longer timelines for certain tasks that I usually breeze through, which I did not factor in when planning my schedule for the week. Naturally, that led to sacrifices being made… PC1222 Lab Submission was the first casualty.

Thinking of it from a more macro view, this is probably a legit concern for project managers in companies that are looking towards new tech too. Other than the usual challenge of recruiting people who are familiar new tech, they also have to grapple with the fact that timelines become somewhat unpredictable when transitioning to new stacks. Fortunately, these are only decisions that they probably have to make only a couple of times during their whole career.

2. Project management tool, with and without

During this week’s class, Colin invited Chris, an alumni of CS3216, to talk about project management. Out of the many tips he gave, our group decided to take his advice of picking up Trello (sorry Colin lol) for managing and documenting the tasks we have to accomplish personally and as a group.

Reflecting back at the week before where we held discussions about task allocation without assigning them to specific people through Trello/Asana, I feel that these tools do certainly improve project visibility and are well worth the minuscule effort of documenting individual and team progress. Another plus point is, you can feel a better sense of satisfaction whenever you tick on something you achieved and watching that progress bar fill up.



Now that Assignment 2 has also started, it’s time to put on the hat of a critic and learn from the goods and bads of other creators.




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